Swimming Pool Pumps

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[tab]C.R.I’s “Vista” series swimming pool pumps are self priming type inbuilt with pre filter basket for cleaning the pool water. The mechanical seals are made of graphite and alumina with close tolerance for perfect sealing systems and the dynamically balanced rotary parts ensure vibration and noise free operation. All the parts of both pumps and motors are made of high quality materials to enhance the life span and efficiency. All single phase pumps are equipped with thermal protector to protect the motor from adverse operating conditions.[/tab]



  • Noise free operation
  • Self priming with inbuilt pre filter
  • High operating efficiency resulting at lower consumption
  • Dynamically balanced rotating parts including rotor and impeller
  • Inbuilt thermal overload protector in all single phase pumps
  • Compact construction



[tab] Swimming pool filtration and recycling[/tab]  [/tabcontent] [/tabs]

Click on “Documentation” to see more specifications

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