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Special Maxi Kits – The DIY Borehole pump kit

The new Maxi-kit from CRI.

Ideal for small borehole installations, this kit provides you with all the basic utilities needed to prepare and equip your borehole.

Pump, motor, cable, control box, base plate, etc

The Maxi-kit is available in five different categories, each consisting of a high-speed CRI submersible pump ranging from 0.37kW to 1,10 kW motors. With a discharge outlet and outer shell made from stainless steel, this pump is guaranteed to perform in a consistent and long-lasting fashion.

Also included in this package is the Motor (corresponding with kit), 1 Ph Control Box, 50-70 meters of 1.5mm Submersible Cable, 50-70 meters Nylon Rope, Base Plate and 1¼” HDPE Adaptors.

With prices ranging from:

  • Maxi Kit 1 (0.37 Kw 8 Stage)   : R 5130.00
  • Maxi Kit 2 (0.37 Kw 6 Stage)   : R 4850.00
  • Maxi Kit 3 (0.55 Kw 8 Stage)   : R 5300.00
  • Maxi Kit 4 (0.75 Kw 12 Stage)  : R 6550.00
  • Maxi Kit 5 (1.10 Kw 12 Stage)  : R 7300.00

(Prices include 15% VAT – Prices may change due to exchange rate – Updated April 2018)

These kits are considerably more economical than a standard installation procedure.

For more information please contact one of our representatives.

PVC Pipes

• Rigid construction and a longer life span up to 25 years.
• The best alternative for G.I. Pipes and cost effective.
• Can be used for potable water supply.
• Special care is taken while fixing couplers with pipes to avoid column slippage.
• Specially designed square threads are capable of withstanding heavy load & these threads do not get corroded or deteriorated, even up to 25 years of use.
• Special rubber seal is provided at the end of threads to ensure 100% leak proof even at high pressure.
• A special rubber (EPDM & Nitrile) ring is provided in the coupling between the two pipes to absorb the vibration caused due to high pump pressure.
• Internal surface of these pipes are very smooth, resulting in very low head loss due to friction and increases water discharge up to maximum of 30%, compared with traditional G.I. pipes thereby saving power.
• Because of its light weight characteristic & special square thread design these pipes can be tightened easily by hand and no need of using pipe wrench.
• uPVC column pipes are resistant to chemical reactions when used in acidic or alkaline water assuring long life.
• Can handle water with maximum temperature up to 45 degrees Celsius.
• These pipes come in 3mm Standard length and are of light weight ensuring easy handling and storage.